Tropical Weather Warnings

Current Warning Status
No current tropical cyclones
(See the color codes below)
June 19, 2024 No tropical systems in the Caribbean Sea to monitor. See more in this link: Cancun Tropical Weather Page
Warning Color codes used in Mexico in case of tropical storms and hurricanes
The Government of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo will issue special weather bulletins and warnings in case of a tropical system approach to our coastline. Color codes are used to alert the people about severe weather conditions. See the color codes description below:
White: No current tropical systems
Blue: Minimum Danger - When any tropical system forms in Atlantic or the Caribbean Sea. The bulletins are issued every 24 hours.
Green: Low Danger - When the system is as close as 48 to 72 hours from us, the bulletins are issued every 12 hours
Yellow: Moderate Danger - If the system is between 36 to 48 hours of possible impact to the Quintana Roo coastline, the bulletins are issued every 6 hours.
Orange: High Danger - When the system is at 24 hours of probable impact, the bulletins are issued every 3 hours and at that point the civil protection commitees are called for emergency alert.
Red: Extreme Danger - When the system is located at 18 hours or less the bulletins will be issued as many times as necessary since when we reach that alert stage there are very high probabilities of impact.